Yotam Ottolenghi’s egg recipes(TL)


New year, new resolutions, new everything, right? Well, an egg, with all its promise of new life, is a very good place to start. Eggs give me everything I want from the kitchen, especially during this post-excess phase: they’re gentle on the wallet, easy to get hold of, fuss-free, quick to prepare, comforting to eat – and full of the sort of amino acids and nutritional benefits that, after a certain point, red wine cannot really boast of having. In terms of New Year’s resolutions, then, eggs give you a lot of easy wins.

They are also incredibly versatile, not least in terms of what you pair them with, so they’re very useful when you’re looking for ways to use up all those bits and bobs you still have lying around after the festivities. I’ve suggested using manchego in today’s omelette dish, but really any other hard cheese, from cheddar to comté, will work just as well. Much the same applies to the herbs and spices: eggs are as happy with the coriander, parsley and dill as they are with the chervil or basil I’ve used here; and while I’ve paired my eggs with what I have to hand in my cupboard at home (chilli flakes and za’atar, in this instance), ground cumin, sharp sumac, regular chilli flakes or even a good crack of black pepper will do the trick, too.

So, be gentle on yourself, keep your slippers on, enjoy breakfast and have a cracking good year.