10 KitKat flavors that you probably NEVER tried (광고수정2 ad EDIT22)


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<10 KitKat flavors that you probably NEVER tried>

How many KitKat flavors did you try? Overseas, mostly Japan, has introduced more than 200 flavors of KitKat. Many of them are introduced on a limited time basis. We’re pretty sure that you haven’t tried any of these. Let’s take a look!


1) Purple Taro Kit Kat (Japan)

This KitKat is Okinawa/Kyushu limited edition which is covered in sweet potato flavored milk chocolate.

2) Espresso Coffee Kit Kat (Japan)

This KitKat is white chocolate-based and mixed with strong coffee flavor.

3) Soy Sauce KitKat (Japan)

This KitKat has the flavor of popular Japanese dip and white chocolate mixed together.

4) Banana KitKat (Canada)

This KitKat is covered in banana crème outside of wafers.

5) Wasabi KitKat (Japan)

This KitKat is light green in colour and made with real wasabi.

6) Cookie Dough KitKat (Canada)

This KitKat has the same milk chocolate and waffle crisp layers, but adds a creamed cookie dough inside.

7) Tiramisu KitKat (UK)

This KitKat has one bar covered in espresso flavored milk chocolate and the other in mascarpone flavored chocolate.

8) Strawberry Cheese Cake KitKat (Japan)

This KitKat has layers of strawberry flavored and cheese-infused cream between wafers.

9) Apple Pie KitKat (Japan)

This KitKat is limited edition for Easter. KitKat team came out with festive flavor with Easter Bunny on the cover.

10) Red Bean KitKat (Japan)

This KitKat has a flavor of Azuki toast. It’s a red bean sandwich eaten in the Chukyo area. The outside is covered in regular chocolate and it has red bean flavor inside.